Copy of letter addressed to Mr. Ray Cullen.

Dear Mr. Cullen.

Just this week I took possession of my new vehicle lease ~ an Equinox.  I must say this was, in the beginning, a stressful situation as I had been previously spoiled by services of Ron Johnson.  He is now retired and I had no idea who would be appointed to be his replacement.  Who could possibly think they could fill Ron’s shoes.

I and my wife were pleasantly surprised to meet and deal with Steve McCaw.  Steve immediately put us at ease and walked us through the most detailed sales experience ever.  We were laughing and trading family stories in no time and as well we learned about the vehicle that would fit our needs perfectly.  Steve followed up on the delivery of our vehicle and ensured we got the maximum benefit allowed.  My vehicle is a dream to drive and we look forward to 4 years of total satisfaction.

Please extend our thanks to Steve and the rest of your staff who have always been there to help us.  My wife and I are tickled pink.

P & L A

cc:  General Motors of Canada Company

I would like to thank you for providing me with such excellent customer service on Aug 11 2017.  I purchased a Chevy Trax and picked it up on Aug 11th,  Steve McCaw was my salesman and he is so personable, he was easy to deal with and he genuinely seemed interested in what I wanted to purchase.  I also had dealings with Matt , a young fellow that put the plates on my new Trax.  He followed up with me as I was waiting to see if there was any thing I needed,  water , coffee.  He was very polite.  Connor was also the explainer of what I was getting in my paperwork, which is always a big mumbo jumble.  But he made it pleasant.  Thank you for everything your company has done for me. ~ VL

Email received August 22, 2016

Since everybody usually complains about things, i would like to compliment you on your service.  I usually go to HMP because i bought the car there ~ in the past I had a few times reason to go to you for something minor to check up on a problem for which you didn’t charge me because it turned out to be nothing!!  This time i came for your complimentary oil change for my Cruze.  After checking me through, the young man (i don’t remember his name) told me i needed a tune-up since it had never been done (i agreed because it made sense after 4 years!!).  Then in a bit later he suggested the brakes had to be cleaned because of corrosion ~ i agreed to that as well.  I came in for a free oil change and left paying a bill of $350.27 which i was HAPPY to pay because it was needed and i am glad he pointed it out to me.  The car runs GREAT again.

In the past i have been to your dealership to look at a car and at that time i also found your sales personal pleasant and spend time to explain things but was not pushy.  I have also been to (another GM dealer in London) and would never buy a car there because they are rude in their attitude towards a customer when you come in to look at a car.  I found their way of doing business insulting.  Also i don’t hesitate to tell people of how they charged an old lady friend $3000 on a repair job on her 16 year old car which was not even certifiable because of the rust on the car when she had to sell it two months later ~ they could have told her.

Thank you from a pleased customer ~ M(V)L